I love SAAVA! It is a great learning environment, somewhere where I can learn, help others, and sing my heart out! I love to sing, and with the help of our amazing directors Mr. Stephens and Miss Ivy I have really come to not just sing, but portray the message, by not just singing a song but by telling the story. Something I have learned in SAAVA is that it’s all up to us to make the choir better! I have been in choirs before but, something I love more in this choir is that there is a guy director. I like this because he understands how male voices are, and helps us to sing to our best abilities. This choir is awesome because we bond as a choir every time we see each other. SAAVA is the best choir I have ever been in. I love singing, learning, and making friends! I look forward to it every single week! (2020-2021)