SAAVA is such a loving and welcoming environment to learn in.  Since day one, Mr. Stephens has always told us that it was okay to mess up, no one is going to judge you.  And he was right.  Whenever I messed up, I wouldn’t be mad at myself or think, “Oh, everyone heard that, and they’re going to be upset with me!”  If I messed up, I’d just smile and keep going.  If I ever needed help, I knew that I could just ask Mr. Stephens or Miss Ivy and they would give me the perfect instructions to fix my problem.  I have learned so much from SAAVA in just one year! I went from not knowing anything about reading music, and now I can sight read, write solfege, find rhythm in the music, and so much more!  What I’m most thankful for is that SAAVA provided a safe, fun,and  loving space to learn music in.  (2019-2020)