SAAVA testimonial: Mae


SAAVA feels like the best family ever. I joined my senior year not knowing what to expect. I was nervous and self-conscious, but it took almost no time at all for those feelings to fade! The relationships I’ve made while being at SAAVA are some of the sweetest, closest, and most genuine ever. Even better, I’ve not just made friendships with the people in my vocal section, but with the choir as a whole! Mr. Stephens and Miss Ivy are extraordinarily extraordinary. They truly have a special gift of teaching this choir, and SAAVA is headed towards BIG things that I cannot wait to see. It’s all due to their devotion to and love for this choir! SAAVA wouldn’t be the same without them. I will never forget the friendships I’ve made at SAAVA; I’m certain they’ll last a lifetime. And I know for a fact that SAAVA is only going to continue to grow and gain more well-deserved recognition and success.